Comparison between micro-hematocrit centrifugation technique and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect Trypanosoma evansi in experimentally inoculated goats

Small Ruminant Research Volume 96, Issue 1, March 2011, Pages 70-72 Tejedor-Junco, M.T. , González, M., Rodríguez, N.F., Corbera, J.A., Gutiérrez, C. Abstract Natural Trypanosoma evansi infection in the Canary Islands has only been diagnosed in the camel population, but dissemination of the disease in other hosts has not been excluded. To evaluate the role

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Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs: Cardiopulmonary biomarker levels

Veterinary Parasitology. Volume 176, Issue 4, 22 March 2011, Pages 313-316 Carretón, E., Corbera, J.A., Juste, M.C., Morchón, R., Simón, F., Montoya-Alonso, J.A. Abstract Cardiopulmonary biomarkers are biological parameters that can be objectively measured and quantified as indicators of pathogenic processes (heartworm disease) or as indicators of response to therapeutic intervention. To determine levels of cardiopulmonary

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Current prevalence of Dirofilaria immitis in dogs, cats and humans from the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Veterinary Parasitology Volume 176, Issue 4, 22 March 2011, Pages 291-294 Montoya-Alonso, J.A. , Carretón, E., Corbera, J.A., Juste, M.C., Mellado, I., Morchón, R.b, Simón, F. Abstract The island of Gran Canaria is a hyperendemic area for canine dirofilariasis. The aim of the present study was to provide data on Dirofilaria immitis in dogs, cats,

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Testicular Neoplasms (Interstitial and Sertoli Cell Tumours) in a Domestic Ferret (Mustela putorius furo) (Article)

Reproduction in Domestic Animals Volume 46, Issue 1, February 2011, Pages 177-180 Batista-Arteaga, M. , Suárez-Bonnet, A., Santana, M., Niño, T., Reyes, R., Alamo, D. Abstract Contents: Unilateral testicular enlargement was detected in a 5-years-old domestic ferret during a routine sterilization. The right testicle showed two different types of proliferative lesions: (i) round nodules, well

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Double-layer mesh hernioplasty for repairing umbilical hernias in 10 goats

Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Volume 35, Issue 2, 2011, Pages 131-135 Vilar, J.M., Corbera, J.A., Spinella, G. Abstract Umbilical hernias in goats are uncommon and can vary in their etiology and management. Hernioplasty can be done by closing the abdominal wall with a horizontal mattress pattern using absorbable sutures. However, larger defects

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Epidemiological survey of canine heartworm disease on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands – Spain) between 2000 and 2008.

Veterinary Parasitology. Volume 173, Issue 1-2, October 2010, Pages 165-168 Montoya-Alonso, J.A., Carretón, E., Juste, M.C., Mellado, I., Morchón, R., Simón, F. Abstract Canine cardiopulmonary dirofilariosis caused by Dirofilaria immitis is endemic on the island of Gran Canaria. Epidemiological surveys have shown differences in the prevalence of heartworm disease in the canine population of the island

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Canine dirofilariosis caused by Dirofilaria immitis is a risk factor for the human population on the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Parasitology Research. Volume 107, Issue 5, 2010, Pages 1265-1269 Montoya-Alonso, J.A., Mellado, I., Carretón, E., Cabrera-Pedrero, E.D., Morchón, R., Simón, F. Abstract The aim of the present study was compare the prevalence of D. immitis in dogs and seroprevalence in humans of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) taking into consideration the four isoclimatic areas of the

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Dystocia and paraparesis associated with intra-pelvic space-restricting hematoma in a Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica hispanica)

Journal of Applied Animal Research Volume 37, Issue 1, 2010, Pages 89-91 Vilar, J.M. , Corbera, J.A., Ramírez, G.A. Abstract This report presents a case of dystocia and mummification of a. co-twin fetus in a nine-year-old pregnant Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica hispanica) that was a direct result of capture procedures. The anesthetic dart penetrated the

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